Quality Control

Thank you to all the visitors to our booth at METPACK!

02.05. - 06.05.2023

Our Customers Success is Our Success

Babies and infants are among the most sensitive food consumer groups. Not only must the food itself be of high quality, but the faultless packaging is also essential for ensuring the highest quality of finished product. Special demands on the safety of baby food packaging made packaging inline quality control a critical aspect of production.
When approached by a customer about replacing a previous optical system for inspection of PT closures for baby food, we were of course mindful. Various types of food packaging defects, such as foreign bodies, cracks, scratches, irregularities of compounds, etc. have an impact on food safety.
Among other things, their absence preserves the organoleptic properties of the packaging product from undesirable effects of the presence of oxygen and provide hermetic closures. By combining innovative optical technology and tried-and-true proprietary software, we have achieved a reliable system to meet our customers specific needs. Buy one system with two stations for quality control of both sides of PT closures. The first station is equipped with 5 cameras for the inside inspection of the full PT closure surface, including side-walls. The second - with one special optic camera, for full outside surface inspection and print analysis.


Detecting pre-defects

Smile, you're on camera


ALLVIG on the move!

All around inspecting, all around communicating. Our first participation at Metpack fair in Essen was an exciting one-to-one experience with many of our target clients and curious visitors.


We interacted with the stakeholders and various types of companies that are at the different stages in a production and business cycles. More than 130 visitors from over 20 countries came to our stand to catch up on trends and innovations in an optical control products.


Our primary goal was to introduce our new technology based on minimized pseudo-rejection with reliable defect detection and get the target audience to try it.


Allvig Technology is open and ready for new tasks and challenges, as camera-sensor based technology is our passion. We see you next at Plastpol fair in Poland between 23rd and 26th May.

Plastpol 2017

Enthusiasm and Cooperation!

Enthusiasm and Cooperation: these two words best describe our participation at Plastpol 2017 fair, that was held 23rd - 26th May 2017 in Kielce, Poland.

Torgi 1

Together with our partners 3D Team, Lenso and 3DTool,we managed to merge our visions. All around in-line optical control plus 3D control is simply complete deal for all the ‘forward’ companies. Those we see as equally excited and ready to increase their production-lines effectiveness, and decrease pseudo-rejections with emphasis on time-to-market and quality management.

Torgi 2

High-end optical control technology together with our passion are our way to communicate.

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We will soon inform you about our next move and where you can meet us next.